Of Clothing, Textile And Garments

Fashion is always associated with the garment industry thus there is such a thing as garment exhibition and it is undoubtedly connected to a textile show as well. We are all aware that the fashion industry cannot function without textiles and garments because these things always cross each other when it comes to the business as well as arts and technology. That is why it is very important for any budding fashion designer to be aware of the tools of the trade. Any fashion designer must attend textile events for them to be able to get inspiration in their designs. They must also be able to visit a garment machinery when they would already start coming up with their designs.

We have seen TV shows like Project Runway where we see a lot of aspiring fashion designers who would want to make a name and leave their mark in the fashion industry. Whenever we see them, they either have a measuring tape draped around their necks and a manila paper where they place their designs. We would also see them having a pair of scissors especially when they are cutting their fabrics.

We will try to take a look at some of these terms for us to be knowledgeable of the few terms that they use in the fashion industry. They say that the fabric is the most important part of a garment factory. If you are planning to be equipped with the fashion industry, you must be able to answer the basic questions about fabrics. They say that once you have mastered all the types of fabrics, you might make it big in the garment industry that is actually a very good business nowadays. These questions would include questions like are your garments made of woven or knit fabrics. For you to be able t identify the difference between the two, you can just reference it to the following: they say that the best example of a woven fabric is men’s shirts. A woven fabric does not stretch at all. Just for you to have a better idea between the difference of these two; a woven fabric is made on a loom and does not stretch at all. Examples of these garments are toga dress, blazer and wedding dress and jeans.

On the other hand, a knit fabric is made on a circular knit machine or flat knit machine and examples of these are cardigans, polo and beanies. You can also include dresses in this category.

For anyone who would want to blossom their career in the fashion industry, it would be best that they should be aware of the difference between these two because it can really spell the difference. They say that once you have at least mastered the types of these two types of fabrics, then you can say that you really will stand a chance in identifying these types of fabrics. You might also want to know that a fabric has a structure which is a weft and a warp. These types of fabric are also needed to be mastered by anyone because you would not want someone to be able to ask you these questions but you don’t have any answers for it.