Am I good enough?

Can I do this? Am I qualified? Others know so much more and exude so much more confidence. Am I really good enough? Do I need to study more?

Questions, questions, questions swirling in my head. As a friend and I used to eloquently describe it “mind fucking”. Yeah, one thing I knew I was good at, top notch actually!

As I sit here on this amazing full moon night, I begin this negative internal dialogue again, , am I an energy drainer, a time waster, a copy cat? Most likely spurred by reading posts on Facebook, people quoting amazing quotes and dropping gorgeous pics and holding highly interesting conversation that I “think” I’m not good enough to become involved in. It’s a mixed bag, you see in reality Iv been studying and reading in this field of “self” for two decades. Yet, I doubt…I feel like a child at school that needs assurance, validation I’m doing great, a sticker or reward.

I dislike this feeling, but now is a fabulous time to let it go…and so I am.

Letting go, of my internal self critiquing, putting myself after ever body else, doubting and questioning my ability to know! I’m Taking the steps in Trusting my internal compass and encyclopaedia to know I’m worth it, I’m great at this and most importantly I know this… I know enough! I am enough