Taking back control in a fast world.

Holy shit, 2017 just raced by, didn’t it?

I mean, I know all that jazz about the holiday paradox, and time speeding up as you get older, but 2017 really was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it affair for me. Lots happened, and it was overall a successful and happy year for a lot of reasons, but it was just all over so quickly. I can’t help but feel a bit cheated.

Time can go do one.

In the final few days of each year I try to spend some time reflecting and planning for the year ahead — it’s a nice way to take my mind off the ridiculous amount of food and drink I’ve shoved into my face — and this year the overarching theme that kept coming up (perhaps not surprisingly) is one of control. More specifically it’s about taking back control over aspects of my life that have become a bit automatic. It’s a little about rebellion, a little about mindfulness, but mainly it’s just about living the moments and not letting time fly away quite so quickly. So here it is, my attempt to hold myself to my end-of-year wisdom and clarity. They’re nothing so stiff or unforgiving as new year resolutions — they’re more like levers that will occasionally need to be reset and re-calibrated, because goodness knows I’m not going to be great at all of them all the time.

Control over my time

  • Own the workday
  • Be organised and prepared
  • Slow down

Control over my effort

  • Choose my battles
  • Reign in perfectionism
  • Do less, better

Control over my impact

  • Be a better consumer
  • Do things that matter
  • Speak for those who can’t (or won’t)

Control over my health

  • Prioritise exercise
  • Make time for me
  • Enjoy every aspect of food

Control over my inputs

  • Reduce negativity
  • Build my tribe
  • Feed curiosity

In the spirit of lever #2: “control over my effort” to do less, better, I’m not going to dive deep into all of my ideas straight away. I want to take my time, really think about each point and explore in depth. I mean this to be both an output and a process, not just another half-arsed laundry list or unfinished draft. My first act of taking control in 2018 will be to hit publish, without stressing over whether what I have to say is interesting enough, smart enough, good enough. Fuck it, it’s just enough.

Hello, 2018, I’m here to take back control. 👍🏻

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