Treading Through a Hostile Environment

I was watching the news today and although there are a lot of issues that are troubling to me, this agitates my core. The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) is now investigating a claim by a government employee regarding the Gadsden flag that reads, “Don’t Tread on Me”. The Gadsden flag was born in 1776 and represents American unity and pride. The yellow flag that has a coiled rattle snake on it was made famous by the United States Marine Corps and the first time it was used was during the French and Indian War. The history of this flag is deep and powerful. The problem with this lawsuit and what it speaks to is deep and powerful in a different and very negative way.

I get it — there are racists everywhere and that’s despicable. This isn’t about racism and this flag is not racist.

US Marine Corps and Naval flag, originated from Benjamin Franklin’s wood carving from 1754 representing the 13 colonies uniting in the French and Indian war and later in the American Revolution.

If our schools taught the true history of our country, perhaps it would not be so easy for corrupt agencies like the EEOC to file bogus lawsuits, tie up taxpayer dollars, and ultimately tear our country’s rich history to shreds. Instead, any time a person wonders if authorities and leaders are telling the truth, he or she has to research and read through archived documents to find actual history. The truth doesn’t serve the purpose of those in power — of course they don’t want people to know. An individual, who would go so far as to file a complaint as trivial as this, is the perfect scapegoat for the power hungry heads of government and its agencies because it allows them to perpetuate the fear that keeps them in power. I question if the EEOC is a government agency born solely to file lawsuits, given their propensity to buy the government more power and do little else but separate the diverse people of our great nation. If the outcome is horrendous, does good intention really matter?

The government seeks power so they “divide and conquer”, they seem to pit various groups of people against one another to weaken the core and then reach out a “helping hand”. On the other hand, the military protects our sovereignty and freedom — and one of the earliest motto's of the military was “unite and conquer”, which one will find out when researching the truth about the Gadsden flag.

This need to not offend anyone is completely engineered to further the desires of people in power, a toxic group of people. At what point does one say, “wait a second, if we do this…change this part of the Constitution, remove ‘In God We Trust’, repeal the 2nd amendment, change the flag, grant amnesty to all illegals, then what will that do to this idea of freedom that our founding fathers and ancestors fought and died for? Will America still be America?” I am all for being inclusive but why would anyone think that this flag, which has represented the Marine Corps since its inception, should be banned from public and private institutions because one person complained? Besides, the Marine Corps has a different official flag, (it’s an Eagle, Globe and Anchor and you can see it on their website under the History tab).

If society should try not to offend anyone, it would be every single marine (and military man and woman) who has served our great nation, and their families who have sacrificed everything. To ban this symbol of solidarity and unity would be an atrocity. Is one sensitive person who finds this flag racist, worth offending the entire Marine Corps? (As a side note, I happen to know some marines and they would find this gentleman’s lawsuit asinine at best and fly the flag even higher, but that’s not my point). The bigger issue is that the government does not have the right to tell a business that it can or cannot display a flag or anything else — unless of course the EEOC determines that thing is indicative of a “hostile work environment”. Cases like these should be eradicated, but somehow they not only make it in front of a judge, they end up climbing all the way up the judicial ladder to the Supreme Court, causing new laws to be created (illegally). They simply pave the way for more laws and lawsuits. It’s proven to further suppress liberty and true justice.

Can anyone really, sitting alone in your house reading this, without fear of what people will think of you, actually say that the Gadsden flag creates a “hostile work environment”? I think it’s got to be one in a million. The only environment that is truly hostile is the one that surrounds those of us who refuse to buy into this tired media rhetoric and the dictates of a government that has become too large and too powerful. Otherwise, the hostility may very well be of one’s own making, in the mind or otherwise.

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