Finding your voice

I just finished reading “Everything I Never Told You’ by Celeste Ng, and I was struck by all the things left unsaid, between a parent and a child, between husbands and wives, between family members, that accumulate over the years, that create quiet chasms…. So… my first born child is going off to college. To my alma mater, matter of fact. So, I wanted to tell her something.

Be present during these precious years at college. Do not think of it as a series of check off lists… something to be used for some greater purpose. The greater purpose is to embody the time… the relationships and getting to know each and every interesting person, professor, body of knowledge, that will provide a key, an opening to understanding the world and about yourself. Dive in. Get to know a circle of people who cares deeply about you and about your passions.

I found my voice at Wellsley. Until I went there, I often felt I was living a gesture life, an obligatory life. To deliver on all of my parents sacrifices. My mother always said, “I was her pride.” I was speaking for someone else. Find your own voice. Embody and revel in your own presence. Be a gift, to yourself, and to those around you.