10 Must-Have Tools of the Freelance Trade

There is a plethora of tools for creative entrepreneurs to help grow their blogs and biz. A few months ago, I shared a blog post highlighting 5 (More) Tools Freelancers Need.

Between that post and my guest blog post, 5 Tools Freelancers Need, for my biz bestie, Lisa Rodriguez, over at Next Level VA, that made 10 tools f0r freelancers, creative entrepreneurs, and bloggers.

Now get ready for 10 Must-Have Tools of The Freelance Trade!

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Contently — Contently is an award-winning technology company that helps brands create great content at scale providing enterprise companies with smart technology, content marketing expertise, and vetted creative talents such as journalists, photographers, designers, videographers, and all things in-between. To learn more about Contently click here.

Snappa — Snappa allows you to create graphics for social media, ads, blogs, and more without Photoshop or graphic designers. Snappa provides a free 7 day trial with an annual billing plan of $10 per month. To learn more about Snappa click here.

Color Palette/Coolors — Trying to decide which colors work the best with one another for your project or blog then try Color Palette. It acts as a tool to help generate color schemes, is easy to use, and it’s free! Click here to find out more about Color Palette.

Wunderlist — Organize and share your to-do work whether for home or office. Set due dates, reminders, and assign to-dos. You can sign up for free or upgrade to Wunderlist Pro to receive unlimited assigning, files of any size, unlimited subtasks, and pro backgrounds. To learn more about Wunderlist click here.

Venndy — This is a user-generated content platform focusing on contextual connectivity. It offers a new way of sharing the right content in the right context with the right audience, creating a comprehensive engagement tool of users’ tastes and preferences, and evaluating who are the most suitable people to follow. To learn more about Venndy click here.

Placeit.net — Placeit.net provides 25,000+ free quality mockups and demo videos for MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. To learn more about Placeit.net click here.

MyFonts — Have you ever found a font that you loved and wonder where on earth did they get it? MyFonts is your answer! All you have to do is take a quick photo and wait for the database of over 500,000+ fonts. The website is consistently updated with the latest and greatest! What makes this even sweeter is that it’s FREE! To learn more about MyFonts click here.

Word Swag App — Want to make a splash with your social media posts? Try Word Swag App! Available for iOS and Android, Words Swag App allows you to add text in various fonts to your photos in seconds! To take a look at Word Swag App click here.

Tone Analyzer — Let’s face it when you get on a writing roll, your tone may vary within a sentence or document, Tone Analyzer sorts out how your text sounds emotionally, your language style, and social tendencies. The best news is that it’s free! To try Tone Analyzer click here. (P.S. I wish I this worked for spoken word and was mandatory, but my tone is being snarky. Oops.)

10 Must-Have Tools

Find Your Tribe Online (FYTO) — Looking to grow your blog? Who isn’t? Look no further than Find Your Tribe Online. Jen Snyder is the Founder/CEO of Women Winning Online, a fellow native Iowan, and one of the most talented, business-minded entrepreneurs out there.

Jen spent 60+ hours compiling a spreadsheet covering 25 blogging niches, 407 Pinterest group boards, 440 Facebook groups, and 165 popular bloggers.

Not only do you receive access to all the data previously listed, you also receive a full-blown marketing plan to show you the best ways to drive traffic to your blog through popular blogs, Facebook groups, and Pinterest.

To find out more about how to Find Your Tribe Online can help you visit: http://www.womenwinningonline.com/find-your-tribe/?ref=20

There is a tool for everyone of your blogging needs. Whether you’re looking for something to help with design, writing, or growing your blog and tribe, these tools can help you reach your goals.

What are some of your favorite tools of the trade?

If these tools are new to you and/or you found them helpful, please share. I’d appreciate it! Don’t forget to follow Sweetsnsnarks!

Originally published at sweetsnsnarks.wordpress.com on December 6, 2016.