How many people on the ship in movie “TRIANGLE”?

The poster of TRIANGLE

It is common for most of us to get confused when first seeing this movie. Well, there are many explanation on the internet and most of it could be very confused when browsing them. So here I want to talk about how many people are there on the ship?

Well, how about reviewing the movie first (if you do not have much impression on TRIANGLE)?

If you saw the movie once, I will understand that this the main character, but the latter one is not, the latter one is killed by the character above.
The name of the boat[It is really strange that the movie name is from the small boat, which last no more than 1/3 of the movie??]
People are on the Ship
Jess was chasing by a murderer
Jess killed the murderer
another group of people came?!?!
Then she realized that everything just happen again and again, she wants to go back to see his son, so she …
decided to be a killer
definitely, she will be killed by another Jess
a car accident killed Jess and her son
Boom Shakalaka

Like I said before, it is a little hard for people to understand most of the part because there are SO MANY people. So we will first come to the part of the ship.

I think many people would ask that how many groups of people are there in the movie, well, let’s first look at there are how many “Jesses” on the ship. (I will use the perspective of the character in the movie). At the beginning of the movie, Jess 1 come on board. So there are one Jess on the board. But soon Jess 1 was chased by Jess 2, so there are two “Jesses” on the ship. Most people would think in that way, but in fact, there are three Jesses.

It is clear that Jess has her three stage: Stage 1 — Panic(obviously, she was chased by another Jess) Stage 2 — Chaotic but want to help her friends. Stage 3 — Killer(Jess kill her friends). And at the end of each stage, there will come up with another Jess.

Now if we clear our mind, let’s see:if Jess 1 was killed by Jess 2, Jess 1 killed Jess 3, Jess 1 have her three stages and each stage have another Jess came on board, so there are three Jesses on the ship.

Let me explain that:

When Jess 1 was in stage 2, Jess 4 come aboard, experiencing stage 1. Meanwhile, there must be another Jess was killed by Jess 4. Not Jess 1, because she is experience stage 2, not jess 2, because she is on her way to home(or we can consider in this part, dead), not Jess 3, because she is not on the ship now. So there must be another Jess, let’s regard this Jess to be Jess 5. So Jess 5 (Stage 3)was killed by Jess4 (stage 1). Let’s see another picture.

So it is clear that there are three Jesses on the ship, each of them experiences three stages. Now, an easier question, how many groups of Jess friends on the ship?

So there are three Jesses on the ship(which is explained), Jess (stage 1), Jess (stage 2), Jess(stage 3), but only Jesses in stage 1 and stage 2 bring up her friends. So there are only two groups of Jess’s friend on the ship.