Freelancing Is All About The Benjamins.
J. Westenberg

This is very true.

I have a full-time job but I freelance part-time on Upwork, and I am always astonished at how willing people are to try and cheat you out of your money. Working with a recent client, I was told that they “didn’t want to use the site’s invoicing feature because…” and I told them: if you don’t use the protected invoice system, you will not get a word’s worth of work from me. They have yet to set up the invoice (and I suspect they won’t) but I have yet to write a word, so fair’s fair.

The asshole point is also vital. I can get at least 10 requests a day from prospective clients wanting SEO articles for the generous price of $2 per 500–1000 word article. After explaining that my hourly rate is several times higher than that, and it takes at least a few hours to write an even halfway decent article, there is always righteous indignation: “I deserve this work at this price!” No, sir. You want work at that price. Find someone else to give it to you.

Upwork isn’t ideal for a lot of reasons, but as a part-time freelancer it’s good because I don’t have to manage a website or promote my own work. I just wish it weren’t all caught in a race-to-the-bottom for pricing. You pay peanuts? You get monkeys.

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