Welcoming Pavlov to the Dorm Room Fund Family

By Liu Jiang and Davey Bloom

We are excited to announce our investment in Pavlov, an artificial intelligence company using deep learning to help structure image and video data.

The company is focused on building software that understands what it sees in images and videos, helping businesses with rich media archives build search and discovery applications. Their first product, Pavlov Spot, helps companies detect copyright and trademark at scale via a simple API and web interface.

When we first met with cofounders, Nikhil Srinivasan and Alex Kern, we were impressed by their focused approach to deliver purpose-built solutions that solved real world problems. Both founders bring incredible domain expertise to the team, having previously built distributed data infrastructure at Apple, NASA, and Harvard Medical School.

“We’re not consultants — we’re teaching companies how to fish.”

Srinivasan believes that their product will enable customers to adopt more machine intelligence technologies, hinting that future products may help companies automate ML ops and deployment. As he told us, “We’re not consultants — we’re teaching companies how to fish.”

We’re excited to welcome Pavlov into the Dorm Room Fund portfolio and to support Nikhil and Alex along this journey!

Visit Pavlov to learn more and follow the team as they make data science accessible. Learn more about Dorm Room Fund here.

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