After the Hillsborough verdict, I don’t feel a sense of victory, although it must be a great relief to the families of the victims. I feel angry about the lies and the cover up and the smears by the people we are meant to trust with our safety, people in positions of power and the media. This verdict has been long in the making and has only come about because of the resilience and strength of the families of the victims, but that should not be how a legal system works.

I am not a Liverpool fan, quite the opposite, I support Everton, but as a city we came together in the belief that the system had failed the victims of this atrocity. As a city who believed the victims had been wronged we were smeared by the people who should have been investigating what had actually gone wrong, who should have been looking into how something like this could never happen again.

I have heard claims that this is the victory, but throughout the whole process the aim has been Truth AND Justice. We have the truth, but now we need the justice. Any policeman who changed their statement to fit the agreed narrative, any journalist or newspaper who agreed to print unsubstantiated propaganda and any politician who chose to smear the victims rather than press for the truth needs to be brought to account.

I am not arguing this for the sake of Liverpool, but for the sake of trust in the system and for justice. Only when people are held to account and it is shown that people who try to carry out miscarriages of justice will not get away with it will trust return.