Alternative Tourist Experience: Development of design (4/5)

After completing our research and visiting the various places we wanted to include in our route, we decided to make a logo, brochure and a map for our final design. The Logo would represent the route and the map would show a plan of the route with the Mill’s and various other stops along the way. The Brochure will contain the logo, map, information about the route, history of the Mills, a map key, modes of transport and images of the 6 (non mill) stops.

We decided to come up with a name for the route. We came up with a range of ideas from Leith Water Route, Water of Leith experience, Leith Water Trail, The EH way, EH path and Eh Route. In the end we decided to go with ‘EH Mill Route’. We chose that name as to link to the area, Edinburgh, using the postcode EH.

Logo ideas.

We wanted to create a clean, simple logo relating to the Water of Leith and to the Water Mills. We wanted to make it in a way that would make it functional on various mediums. We used a natural cream as the background colour and a dark blue to add to the water theme. In the end, we decided on the bottom right logo which displays a Mill motif, water illustration and in the shape of a map pin.

Logo ideas and development

Creating our brochure took alot longer and more time to think about. Since the Water of Leith is all about wildlife and conservation, we wanted to use paper that was recycled/recyclable. We also thought that the choice of paper should be important as it should help link to the history of the paper Mills. So, we went for a brown textured and recycled paper. We felt it was important to have the history of the Mills in the brochure along with a bit of information about each stop.

Sketch of Brochure design

To create the map, we used a screenshot of the route from start to finish and used illustrator to draw around the route to get all the bends and curves in, so that it would be more easier to follow. We wanted to draw a simple, clear map with the Mills being shown as motifs of watermills and the other points being shown by Map pins.

Screenshot of route on google maps