Alternative Tourist Experience: Final Design (5/5)

Our Final design for our Alternative tourist experience consists of a pocket size, square 2-sided brochure split into 9 sections. It includes a logo and map which we designed.

The ‘EH Mill Route’ will provide a 1 day alternative tourist experience of Edinburgh. Escape the bustling city and view Edinburgh from a different perspective. The path will take you along a quiet and relaxing journey through the old mill villages of Edinburgh, while stopping at places of interest along the way.

Final Logo Design and Map Design

Our final logo depicts the route showing a Map pin as the outline, filled in with a Water wheel/ Mill in and a water pattern.

The map is used creating the same colours as the logo to link them. It shows the location of each point of interest and each Mill.

Final Brochure design, front and back

Overall our project and final idea show a good alternative tourist route through Edinburgh. It is based along the Water of Leith through the old mill Villages of Edinburgh. The Old Mills are not a usual visiting route of tourists and neither is the Water of Leith, so we wanted to make it interesting and place it on the tourist map. We added an alternative and interesting aspect to our brochure by providing only the postcodes of each destination, making it more interesting for the user/ tourist. Our brochure displays a wide range of research through the information and history of the Mills to the research of each point of interest.

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