Dear President Obama, Please Activate Those White House Booby Traps Now
Allan Ishac

1.Congratulations. You are qualified for becoming a criminal profiler. Just bring your own suit.

2. Congratulations you are a natural spy and can walk in for CIA any day. Just bring your own dark glasses and see point #1 on suits.

3. If you ever ever use minions and President (current) in same sentence again.. You will be unfollowed. I mean it.

4. Good to know our President Obama have our backs covered.. Rather whole of us.. Thank you for decrypting the secret message in medium for whole world to read. Hmm.. You missed one spy class. Retake test.

5. Can we make CANADA expand its borders since most of us are moving there anyway... Or we could do country swapspaces like in trading spaces..

6. Producers money on HOME ALONE trilogy did not go to waste. Good observation from movies. We can send the DVD as late President day gift to our Former POTUS.

Worst part is I don’t even live there but feel so terrible and passionate about it just for few years I spent there.

#IloveMinions #CIArecruits #FBIRecruits