U.S. Citizens Must Now Divulge High School Mascot Upon Re-entering Country
Allan Ishac

Oh... Woah!! Wait a minute.. Mother’s maiden name!!.. Why not just ask me to hand over everything I own and will own... Or damn put a chip in my head @$$@$@@@@$@###%*+@$$$@$@*+#?!!!!

Ask for ultrasound of us in womb who knows we may not be even human.. We might have mutated on Mars or Jupiter. Landed here to take over the economy. We might be even robots sent.

I am pissed off.. Let’s just chuck him out or leave the place already!! People working for him should quit… or just go on strike..

We need a revolution right now. Slowly it’s turning into a military State.. Or a dictatorship. Only thing missing is chopping heads and sending folks to gallows.

I ruined my appetite and week.

Pissed off seriously.

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