Why do American movies always involve End of Days?

I always wonder at the scripts of Hollywood movies. For a person who believes in law of attraction it’s not a good sign.. Not at all. You always have plots where

  • Asteroid hitting earth
  • Alien invasion
  • King Kong destroying stuff
  • Mission impossible filled with plots and theories of how USA can be destroyed or wars
  • Day after tomorrow? I don’t remember the exact title.
  • Planet of Apes series
  • Meteorite hitting the earth
  • Terminator series.. Spooks me out when I see hear word Skynet.
  • IRobot was one sensible thing I could relate to.
  • Die hard series with people hijacking planes and blowing them up.
  • Climate change end of days scenario.
  • And inception.. Species are a different kind of horror they bring..

And one plot was there which was on World Trade Centre . Not sure if the movie was scrapped.

I mean why always target New York City? It makes me sad everytime I see Statue of Liberty sinking in the floods.. What’s with that? Don’t they even respect that monument? I hold great respect to it. That lady represents a lot about USA. I am not even American.

And I doubt if Will Smith or Bruce Willis or anyone else including our Intel would be able to really save the day.

Law of attraction works.

Let’s not make such movies. If you really want do some creative thinking and plan it outside Earth on some remote planet. Do all you want. Leave my whole Earth. .USA…NY City and Statue of Liberty alone.

Make positive happy movies which people need now and which brings peace to World. Stick to Harry Potter range.

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