Five things I’ve learned from saying “yes” to everything for one month

I spent one month saying yes to opportunities and adventures that came my way.

First, a little context as to why I started this challenge. It is my last semester in University, and I love the school I am attending. It is frightening to think that everything I am doing may or may not be my last experience here, so I made it my goal to live in the moment, take everything in, and say yes to whatever opportunities may come my way while I am still here. If I had to sum up this month, it would be the month of saying “yes”.

It is safe to say that I have been experiencing every emotion from fear to excitement to realizing I may have attachment issues with University coming to an end. It’s been a roller-coaster of emotions but I think by trying this out will help ease the process of letting go of the old and starting a fresh new chapter in my life. Here’s what happened:

1. Strengthened relationships

It is not about the amount of times you see a person in a month that strengthens the relationships, it is about choosing to be present. By saying yes to opportunities that came my way, I also chose to fully be there and be engaged. The relationships I have with my friends are stronger than ever because I always showed up no matter what.

2. Spontaneous adventures and new friends

When I first started this challenge it was difficult to change my habits and it is always so easy to say no. Looking back, it is crazy to for me to think that I would have missed out on some great memories because I didn’t feel like going at the time. Some of my best memories of this month was when I randomly ended up at the Keg for the first time with the view of the Niagara falls with a group of people I met two hours beforehand!

3. Saying Yes isn’t always easy, but can be worth it

I am really grateful to have friends who will text you “get dressed, we’re going out tonight” but reading that text message while you’re half asleep from your nap is pretty stressful. Nonetheless, I got up, got dressed, and showed up. It was my friends spontaneous birthday adventure that night and I could really tell how much she appreciated having a friend show up on such short notice. I’ve learned that there are always other factors to consider and the decision isn’t entirely about how you feel at the moment. Other people will always be a factor.

4. You will lose money

I did spend a lot more out of my monthly budget that usual but every penny was worth the memories that I’ve made so far. I don’t spend recklessly but if you’re doing this challenge maybe it would be wise to ensure that you have a job first or a steady income.

5. You will never know if you never try

I don’t know if I will keep this up because of 1. My bank account and 2. I am a sleepy girl. It is understandable that some situations deserve a no but it is worth trying something new every once in awhile, and getting out of your comfort zone.

Would I continue doing this? First I’d have to check my bank account. But what I would take away from this is that nothing is forever, nothing is guaranteed, so just live in the moment while you have it with the people you love before things start to change.

There hasn’t been an experience where I have regretted going out. There have been days though where I regret doing absolutely nothing.

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