Discovery is hard on Medium

Since I started to use Medium full time I’ve found that the only articles I see are the most popular and they rarely change. Even using the search feature it’s hard to discover new content and writers.

I like the idea of showing me most popular tags but I’d like to see all tags or a stream of what’s recently been added.

My ‘top stories for you’ seems to give me the same articles over and over, showing me the most popular posts and people rather than topics I’m interested in.

I want to able to see

  • Overall what is new — just a stream of what has recently been added across ALL categories
  • What’s new across particular categories, BTW show me all categories — not just the most popular ones

It’s possible that I’ve missed something given I’m only day 5 into using Medium full time but from a discovery perspective Medium are going to have to do more to keep me here.

How do you find new content on Medium?