How to play PS4 games on your MacBook or PC

We’ve had remote play PS4 → PS Vita for a while now and I’ve been a big fan of being able to play my playstation remotely when I’ve been away with work in hotels. It’s been rock solid and it’s an area that I think PlayStation USA have hit it out of the park, appeal to the gamers first and foremost.

With last weeks PS4 3.5 update we got the ability to take this functionality to the MAC and PC, I’ve tested on a 13" MacBook Pro so wanted to write up my thoughts on the experience.

How do I set it up?

Head over to here and download the version that you need for your desired platform. Once you have it installed you need to make sure that you have set your PS4 up for remote sharing, you can find how to do that on the same page you downloaded the app.

All you need to do then is use a USB cable, plug in your PS4 controller and fire up the PS4 Remote Play app.

Once it’s initialised you should see your PS4 at the home screen.

Now onto the experience.

What’s it like?

I used a 2014 MacBook Pro 13" and our connection speed fluctuates between 5 and 15 down, it’s fine for video streaming but I had my doubts I would be able to game without experience a lot of lag.

I was pleasantly surprised when I fired up Star Wars Battlefront and connected to an online game. I experienced very little lag (it didn’t put me off playing a game) and it appears that the app adjusts the resolution to match the connection speed. Although I didn’t have a lag problem it went a little blocky at times but I could cope with that over input lag. There is a setting within the app for adjusting the resolution (highest is 720p) and mine was set to standard 540p but it looked to dynamically adjust this on the fly.

Once I had tested out online I tried a local game (F1 2015) and in single player mode I experienced even less lag and the resolution seemed to be the max (720p).

Overall I have been really impressed at the quality of the experience and appreciate the added flexibility that this functionality gives me. I’d much rather do it this way than use my PS Vita, I can use the native controller and have a much larger display. I’m yet to test on my ethernet connected 27" iMac but as someone that was contemplating moving my PS4 into the office this now means that I can leave it under the TV and use remote play for this times I want to do some gaming somewhere else.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

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