My iPhone 6s home screen

I’ve been asked a few times to share my workflow and home screen so I thought I would show you what apps I use daily and what I use them for.


It’s taken a while for me to get on the Fantastical bandwagon but now I have the hang of it I’m hooked. The built in calendar isn’t the most intuitive app in the world and it takes way to many taps to do simple things like show me all my appointments in a list view. Fantastical gives you all your appointments (and Reminders!) in a list view by default, it supports natural language for creating events and it’s widget is way better than what comes with iOS. It shows your calendar, your reminders and allows you to click different days to see what’s coming up.


My podcast app of choice, I love smart speed and voice boost. I went back to the built in podcast app when I did an iOS refresh lately and lasted only one podcast. Smart speed dynamically skips pauses in conversations with it still sounding natural. In the settings you can view how much time it’s saved it — try it, you will be amazed.


Yes, I use Apple Maps… It’s gotten a lot better and in my experience gives me better traffic information that anything else out there. I report mapping errors within the app and usually get feedback within a couple of months that it’s been addressed. I don’t use it for directions as I have in car NAV but for checking travel times and where places are on the map it’s perfect for me.


iOS 9 gave us a massive update to the Notes app and it’s become my go to note taking apps. It syncs well across all of my devices, has folder creation and works with one of my favourite Apple Accessories — The Apple Pencil.


I believe strongly that taking some time out is very important in this hectic world we live it, my mindfulness app of choice is Headspace. You can get it for free and give it a go for 10 days.

Day One

I’ve been journalling daily for a number of years now and Day One (classic) has been my apps of choice. It looks great, allows you to add photos and with iCloud sync keeps everything up to date.


An app for keeping in touch with teams and communities, the app looks great and works well across all platforms.


A recent discovery so I’m still in test mode but I’m hoping it helps me develop some new habits. The apps works well across my iOS devices and Apple Watch.


Twitter and Instagram are my social networks of choice.


I go between TO DO apps all of the time but keep coming back to the build in Reminders. It’s simple, syncs well and although there are a few UI issues Apple have been pretty responsive when I have raised bug reports.


I blog (almost daily!) and have these apps to post my content.