The iPad Mini 3 disappointment

Last week Apple gave us a couple of new iPads, the iPad Air 2 and Mini 3.

What’s changed?

TouchID, no more 32GB version and a new gold colour option.

So as you can see from this list the camera, processor and screen is all the same as the iPad Mini 2.

So, who is the iPad Mini 3 for?

Definitely the early adopters, those who love the mini form factor and have gotten so used to TouchID on their iPhone 5s/6/6 Plus that they have to have it on the Mini.

I don’t care about TouchID but love the form factor

This then becomes a question of what’s your budget?

If you only have £199 to spend on an iPad then you can get an iPad Mini (non retina) in 16GB for that money, it’s effectively an iPad 2 so performance isn’t going to be stellar on iOS 8. Hold off on your purchase for another pay day and spend the extra £30 to get an iPad Mini 2.

The iPad Mini 2 is the absolute best tablet to buy at the price point for pretty much anyone here. It’s what I use as my main iPad and serves me just well. I run guitar recording and emulation, I write blog posts and watch plenty of video.

Final thoughts

I really can’t recommend the iPad Mini 3 to anyone over an iPad Mini 2.

I’m disappointed in Apple for the first time in quite a while over this product and it’s made my purchasing decision an easy one this year, namely stick with my iPad Mini 2.

It has me thinking that given they did the absolute minimum they could have where does that leave the iPad Mini? With the introduction of the iPhone 6 Plus maybe they feel that people are going to using the phone instead of a tablet.

As a fan of the iPad Mini form factor I’m eager to see what happens next year, if we get a minimal update I don’t see it being a viable product for Apple going forward.

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