What if? Art is waiting to whisper in your ear — It Could be Your Muse

Lisa Tomey
Art Work by https://www.instagram.com/ks_montgomeryartist/

Along with my other muses, art inspires me to write. I often incorporate the viewing with music, as having something both audio and visual is a double win. As an artist, I often find my lines cross into writing as I become inspired by whatever project I am working with.

You can find your art muse by going though photographs, both personal and online. If you are following the Artists Way program, you may find inspiration by taking your weekly art day, a time to explore art in all forms in your own area. There is no requirement to part of any program to explore and find your muse.

Castles by Lisa J Tomey

Poetry and other writing which examines art is called Ekphrastic poetry. This could be art in the form of painting, sculpture, dance, anything visual. You may also consider adding music to this array.

You can see here: 10 Prompts for National Poetry Month, ideas for poetry prompts. Take a look and let your inspiration flow. This is from my participation from last year.

This year, I am posting a poem every day, using Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides blog. You can see my poetry on my blog Prolific Pulse

What are you doing for National Poetry Month? If you are not inclined to write poetry, please take the time to explore and support your fellow poet’s works.

Lisa Tomey

Written by

Artist, Writer, Nature Enthusiast, Foodie, who is growing older gracefully, or not.

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