Sweet Technology

It is a rare cool evening. Sitting outdoors at Tous les Jours, a lovely French style bakery outside a mall, Anna observes the people walking by as she mindfully sip her hot Americano. Around her, voices from the chatters of visitors, filled the air as most tables are occupied by then. With her phone in one hand, she brought the mug to her lips for another sip, staring at the cute graphic designs plastered around the mug. She puts down her mug as Bon Iver’s Re:Stacks started playing through her earphones, right at the same time a cool breeze washes over her, running through her long, brown hair. She closed her eyes as the music filled her ears, enjoying the soft wind caressing her cheeks. The strumming of the guitar adds a special effect to that moment, a calming soundtrack that presently complements her surroundings. Right there, she felt like a character in a Parisian movie scene, minus the cobblestoned streets lined with coffee shops as she would imagined typically from browsing through travel magazines.

Alas, that blissful moment is broken when a window popped out, blocking an online article she was reading. The tiny battery bar drops red, signalling the death of her companion. Feeling a little irritated, she stood up, gathering her stuff. Carrying her mug, Anna moves toward the green, wooden framed door, which automatically slides open when she approaches. Anna steps into the bakery and scans through the nearly empty interior for a spot with power supply. She looks pass the few workers balancing drinks and pastries on trays while consciously trying not to get in their way. She soon spotted a pair of power sockets attached below the long cushioned seats lined against the wall.

She makes her way across, sits down and makes herself comfortable with her phone charging. Her eyes flitted from the screen of her iPhone to the worker, who was holding a wet cloth earlier, wiping clean the table next to hers. He has a sturdy build with a pleasant look, probably a college student. He had on the same checkered shirt with matching baker’s hat resting on his head, as the rest of his co-workers. Anna offered a smile when he glanced her way. He smiles back.

She lifts her mug to her lips as she takes a sip of the lukewarm black coffee, when a fly whizzed pass, barely missing her brows. She puts down her mug disgusted, as she ineffectively tries to wave off the pest, which will come circling back. Annoyed, Anna hurriedly downed her coffee, as the thought of the fly touching her beverage sends chills of horror in her.

Anna turns her attention back to her phone when out of the blue, she caught on a strong whiff of chemical, fresh varnish escaping into the atmosphere. She looks up and her eyes falls on the sight of a mechanic, his attire dirty from his job. Tools in hand, he’s repairing a broken ice box right outside a open door that reveals a little of the dimly lit kitchen inside. If his attention wasn’t fixated on his job, the sloppy mechanic would have noticed Anna’s look of complete distaste.

So there she sits, spending the rest of her time with her eyes glued to the screen of her iPhone. The fly lands on the tip of her cup, moving along to the circular rim of the mug. The evening grows dark as the day is coming to an end. Time passes with Anna, unknowingly missing the simple things in life when she chose to switch on her phone and switch off her senses.

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