I just read your response for the second time and realized that maybe the reason that I can’t seem…
Randy Seabrook

I believe for some things we may never fully recover, some things just imprint on you. but it all depends on what you do about it, how you perceive it, what you decide it is for you. with time and effort things get easier.

How did I know? I began to recognize small victories, small changes. I began to take notice that an emotional Reaction to a trigger that once took me (literally) a year to overcome, (now) took only a few days … then a day … then hours …. then that same trigger that would evoke an out rage would no longer affect me like that, i would just have a moment, and feel totally “other” about it. The first time i noticed I felt “other” was huge for me. It was then that i was able to look back and realize that I had progressed (as I outlined above) in incremental moments. baby steps as they say.

The truth is though — you have to want it. you have to be willing to work for it. you have to have faith. you have to be able to wake up every day knowing the potentials, and still put one foot in fron of the other.

I took awareness classes, i worked with alternative therapists, i learned new skills and how to use “tools” that would help me in times of despair. i found a new group / type of people to be around. i meditated. i tuned in to my intuition, i asked my spirit guides. i chanted mantras. i cleaned house with a new attitude. i allowed myself the space to feel everything. I wanted something better for myself. i worked for my self.

you have to accept what is, and not allow that to define you. Accepting what is doesn’t hold you to something, it actually allows you to let it go, by providing the space it needs to heal. You define your recovery, not someone, or some thing else.

for me, all of a sudden one day I realized instead of saying I am a victim of …. I caught myself saying to someone I was

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