S Lynn Knight, Many years ago when I was in a court reporting program after finding little to do…
Danna Colman

Interjection — me, in the exchange between you and the rev …. It’s not about you, or him, or the “we” being you Danna and this married man friend of yours. You two created something, beautiful, unique. He loved his wife and would do anything for her, including ditching his best friend. SHE — the wife, she is what happened. Something in her life made her 1 insecure 2 un confident 3 jealous 4 controlling 5 irrational 6 … shall I go on? You weren’t part of her life. And you don’t need to know anything. Recognize what you did have with him, and cherish the gifts in life you have been given as the results of the time and emotion spent on the story — this story that is part of you.

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