Andrew Simonet: Artist U

Andrew Simonet is an experimental dance choreographer who had a talk about the life of an artist called Artist U. His talk was about how being an artist is challenging. Simonet talked about ways artists can get more recognition and have more stable lives. His presentation was engaging, as he was excited about what he was presenting, as well as offering helpful tips for artists wanting more recognition.

He talks about how reaching out to others is really important. Knowing who’s interested in the artist’s work such as critics, scholars, funders, and more will help them get more recognition. Also, going out to conventions and panels can help showcase your work more to the public. It could potentially bring in new business partners. And staying in touch is important. They want to know what you’re doing, if there’s any new projects, these will let your partners help you connect to more opportunities for their work.

He also mentioned “Career and Mission”. It’s basically about how artists go about when getting their work out. Career oriented typically relates to products, recognition, easy to talk to artists, usually unfulfilling, etc. Whereas with the mission oriented, it’s mainly about the practice, vision-driven, how it affects people, mostly fulfilling, etc. Now both of these don’t solve financial issues, but it is still possible to maintain a stable life as an artist if it’s planned careful. Artists have to figure out how much money they need for their lives, find out how to balance out time, money, work, and also down time. Simonet said while getting work done is important, it’s also important to take breaks every now and then so no ones get burned out.

Simonet’s talk was very inspirational for me. While I have had opportunities in the past, they weren’t very often. His talked has showed me that I need to find more opportunities to showcase my work. I need to set goals and be prepared to make any changes if necessary. I am open to whatever feedback anyone has to say.

Andrew Simonet