All Eyes on Antiques

Dec 2016 Kent OH

By: Lukas Kazmirski

Is antiquing becoming more popular

In the past several years certain television programs have gained sizable popularity. History Channel programs such as “American Pickers” and “Pawn Stars” have really incorporated themselves into certain aspects of pop culture. According to “American Pickers” has had as many as five point three million viewers in their recent seasons, and “Pawn Stars” was the second highest rated reality series in 2011, second only to “Jersey Shore”. The growing popularity of these reality shows has not only increased the viewer’s interest in history but also seems to have sparked the younger generation’s interest in the very thing they popularize, antiques.

Certain shops in North Eastern, Ohio have experienced a minor rise in business surrounding the younger side of society. Claiming that a noticeable growth in collage aged individuals who come to their shops, AAA — I-76 Antique Mall; rated the number one antique dealer in Ohio has been seeing more and more young customers in their shop. Long-time employee Brian Grey says that the younger customers seem to have an interest in “things they can use, not things that are just going to sit on a shelf for them to look at”. Though I-76 is the number one rated in Ohio the nearby City Bank Antique shop in Kent, Ohio is a much more collage oriented shop being less than a mile from one of Ohio’s largest college campuses. Co-owner of City Bank Antiques Karren Barret says that she has “noticed younger people coming in” though is unsure if “that’s a resurgence or not”. Being so near a collage campus Mrs. Barret says that “about 80 percent” of their customers simply come in to look, as most people tend to treat antique shops more like museums rather than stores.

The popularity of antiques and antiquing most certainly has expanded at least somewhat into the younger generation, but whether this popularity has boosted the sales of or merely the number of customers who come into the shops is uncertain. As most antique dealers will tell you, antique shops have always been like museums to some. Some people collect, while most people just brose and look at the different items without purchasing anything. But regardless of profit verses popularity, the modern fame of antiques and other historical elements has increased, particularly among the younger generation.

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