Let Them Fucking Die
Son of Baldwin

The juxtaposition of silence over the Philando Castile murder verdict and the cries of horror over the VA shooting are visceral reminders of the contempt for black lives. The shouts of alarm from white leaders and indeed white citizens calls to mind the panic of slave owners when the oppressed finally could take no more and rose up to slaughter their oppressors. White, straight America always reacts this way. It is the origin of law enforcement in this country — the bounty hunting slave catcher, no rules applied, then and now. They only need to allege “fear” of blackness or homosexuality or non-christianity in order to justify any violence. The powerful never give up power without violence. That is a rule of nature. We like to say humans are above this natural law when we are not.

Your words at first shocked and frightened me before settling into my soul with necessary force. That is what art is supposed to do. Unnerve us. Push us off a cliff. Dare us to own our shit. Keep speaking truth. Your words cut, but America needs a bloodletting treatment.

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