With three games out of the way and squads set for at least the first half of the year, the dust is finally settling in the Premier League. Kickit97 will look at each team and identify strengths, weaknesses, key players, and potential breakout stars.

Manchester United — Mourinho’s Men look to Move up the Table

Cheeky looking bastard, isn’t he?

If not for a Europa League…

With the upcoming release of the newest Star Wars installment, Sci-Fi is as popular as it has ever been as a generation that was raised on Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, and comic books begins to flex its economic muscles. In an age of major network fantasy dramas and…

This past Thursday, one of the sprinklers in my mod went off, flooding two upstairs bedrooms and much of the downstairs living area. My bedroom avoided any damage, but I was forced to move out along with my friends until the necessary repairs could be made. This is a brief look at the state my mod is currently in and where I am living now. The mod was locked down shortly after the flood happened, so my photos start when it reopened.

Mod 34A (my home) a few days after the initial flood. Not pictured are the BCPD patrol car that frequented the front door and backyard and different points, as well as various repair vehicles. (lines, scene-setter)

There used to be a rug here, which was destroyed by the flooding and torn out by the repair crew.

In light of the recent beef between Meek Mill and Drake, hip hop heads have been chattering about what other emcee’s could possibly face off against each other. While Drake was a rather clear winner on the music side, questions still remain about the validity of Meek Mill’s claims of…

Liam Kearney

Buffalo Native, Boston Transplant. BC class of 2016. Musician, Uncle, Soccer and Basketball enthusiast, future craft brewer

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