A Farewell Salute to Person of Interest
Thaddeus Howze

I did have problems with the show’s depiction of minority characters, so I love the little addendum you placed at the beginning of your essay. I loved the show’s ideas, which were awesome, and terrifying. I was in awe of Finch’s formidable intelligence and his Machine. I loved Root’s connection to The Machine and her gradual reattachment to her humanity through Shaw, and Reese is just hellahawt!

But the character that meant the most to me was Shaw. it took me some time to understand what type of character she was and then I just sat there in amazement at what they were really showing me about this character. She was “neurotypical” and I identified with that. She wasn’t on the Spectrum, neither am I, but I identified with her problems about showing proper emotions and responses. I’ve struggled my whole life with having atypical emotional reactions, and pain responses, that were often met with raised eyebrows, and extra questioning, from people who don’t understand why I’m not reacting the way “they” would.

There was no explanation really given for why Shaw was the way she was and that was okay with me because she was respected by the team for her skills and her humor, and Root’s love for her taught Shaw that she was just fine as she was, and I really liked that. Fortunately I do have that kind of love and support, from family members, who think I’m strange, but respect me anyway ,and that’s vitally important.

I’m really going to miss this show, for its characters and ideas and its definitely going in my DVD library.

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