No Dancing This Time: A Guide for White People Regarding “This Is America”
Christopher Sturdy

This, right here!

I’ve been lobbying for more critics of color, but I do wish more White people had the knowledge and vocabulary to discuss these things in a way other White people can accept, because we need White critics to speak to White audiences about the racial context in all popular media.There are so few White people (especially White men) willing and able to discuss the racial aspects, historicity, and context behind the creation of Black art. A lot of White people are too illiterate on the subject of race to be able to do that.

I enjoyed this piece. It’s from a very interesting angle that cannot be spoken of by a Black critic. You made this approachable in a way that only you could accomplish, and I appreciate your point of view.

When it comes to art that is directly speaking to, about, and for Black audiences, I try, as much as possible, to find critiques written by PoC. We need more of those but we also need “woke” White people to speak up too.

Thank you!

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