Pit bulls used to be America’s favorite dog
Laura Smith

This was fascinating to read! That Pit Bulls were America’s most lovable breed is really interesting because my apprehension of them is a little more personal. (And I grew up watching the Our Gang shows! I was indifferent to Pete. He was just sorta there.) When we were kids (about 8 or 9) my brother and I were attacked by a Pit Bull, that jumped out at us, as we were walking to the store.

I don’t know how my brother feels about them (he has a dog now, a doberman mix) but I’ve hated them ever since. I can still feel the terror of that moment, wondering if I would be able to stop the dog from mauling my little brother who, in his surprise, had fallen on the sidewalk in front of it. (It wasn't until I was an adult that I realized I probably could not have saved him.) Luckily, the neighbor saw this and called his dog away.

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