The “quit your corporate job and follow your bliss” mantra is complete horseshit
Smiley Poswolsky

This article assumes that everyone wants the same things in their “bliss” zone that they had on their corporate jobs. But not everyone wants the same things. Some people really do want to live on the beach or in the mountains, etc. They understand that they’re giving up things like income security, subsidized benefits and prestige and they’re okay with it. Some people choose to go the freelance/independent contractor route. With this choice you work a lot harder than regular employees — but on the other hand you have control over your schedule and the projects you work on. For some people these are nonnegotiables. Some people value being at home to raise their kids full time and their priority is not replicating their former day jobs. So the advice is not bs — just know what you’re getting into and what trade offs are involved.