This is an excerpt from my draft step-by-step guide for non-profits to implement and utilize certain existing blockchain solutions to assist in extending their membership reach and earning passive donations for content (articles, images, etc.) that they routinely publish. All feedback welcomed.

This topic is also the subject of a proposed panel for SXSW 2020. The voting and comments period for panels is August 5 to August 23, 2019. Interested readers can review the panel here.

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PREFACE — Why non-profits should care

The goal of this article is to merge two seemingly disparate areas — non-profit organizations and blockchain technologies — to the…

The 123rd annual meeting of the Texas State Historical Association (TSHA) was held in Corpus Christi from February 28 — March 2, 2019. I’ve previously attended parts of several annual meetings, but this is the first time I’ve attended the entire conference and my wife’s first time attending as well. The annual meeting featured multiple sessions on a variety of topics, special events, a silent and live auction, and the ever dangerous book room. Once again the staff of TSHA is to be commended not only for the organization and running of the annual meeting but for how upbeat they…

What did you do to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2018? My lovely wife found a hike for us to do: the “last day hike 2018” at Pedernales Falls State Park. It was a 2.5 mile hike out to the falls, up river, along the park border and back to the parking lot, covering about 2.5 miles. The hike started at 5pm so we got to enjoy the sunset and do a bit of stargazing, though the clouds tried to hide a few constellations.

Pedernales Audrey hiking
Pedernales Audrey hiking

Some of you may have noticed the badge on my blogs posts; if all goes well with the beta testing described in this post, you can scroll down to the bottom to see one. As I wrote in this article, the goals of align with the goals of any content creator — provide an easy way to display and verify proof of publishing, and make it very very difficult for anyone to claim otherwise.

These badges and the integration that underlies them have pointed to a testnet. has recently moved to the mainnet. There is a…

Twilio Signal
Twilio Signal

Because one of my developers could not go at the last minute I attended the Twilio Signal conference held October 16–18, 2018 at the Bill Graham Auditorium near City Hall in downtown San Francisco. I’m glad the opportunity presented itself — the one-day Superclass was worth the trip by itself, plus I met lots of Twilio people to discuss partnerships, learned about Autopilot and Pay (see below), got new socks…and got to watch the Packers beat the Niners at a Packers Bar in SF (Go Pack Go).

The recommended hotel was on Market Street, the weather was excellent so I…

93Queen IFC
93Queen IFC

My wife and I were lucky enough to catch the last showing of the documentary 93Queen at the IFC Theater in New York City, and doubly privileged to see it with our good friend and the movie’s lead producer Heidi Reinberg. It was a thought-provoking film, and luckily if it is not in a theater near you the documentary premieres on PBS Monday, September 17.

The film follows the efforts of a group of Hasidic Jewish ladies who are putting together an all female volunteer EMT/Ambulance corps to handle the needs of their fellow female Hasidic Jews in Borough Park…

Verified on badge

August 12th 2018, 20:30

Since this post in May of this year, I’ve been experimenting with publishing on the blockchain with a plug-in from a blockchain company called The concept of is quite simple: utilize a public ledger as a proof point that some writer (i.e., me) did indeed write some words (in this case, blog posts, but could be any written work) at a particular time. So cryptographically (mathematically) it can be proven that a set of words (and hopefully in the future, images/photos) was created and published at a particular time.

Proof of Publishing

If the…

Super Bowl XLI
Super Bowl XLI

Contrary to popular belief, there are people who win contests, not just some made-for-TVcheering and screaming rubes. My wife is one of those people; last year she won the Burger King Bobble Head Bowl sweepstakes (yes, there is such a beast). It was on a Saturday a couple of weeks before the big game when the FedEx package arrived. Normally Saturday FedEx packages are contracts for me to review, but this one had my wife’s name on it. And it was full of contracts. My wife does enter tons of contests, but for her to open an envelope with several…

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CEO @ Media Sourcery; writer/developer/publisher @ JoSaraMeDia;board member @TxStHistAssoc . Sometime runner. Packers fanatic, Rockets & Sharks fan.

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