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Feastly: More Than a Meal 

“Join us at our table,” Feastly is a platform connecting cooks with adventurous diners in cooks’ homes, aiming to lower barriers for entry into the food space and provide feasters with more authentic, dynamic and social food experiences. 

We humans are peculiar beings. Over the course of our history we’ve gravitated and retracted, waxed and waned, and adopted or discarded myriad eating habits and rituals. We’ve had a relationship with food from the beginning of our existence; whether you follow the idea that Eve partook of the apple in the Garden of Eden or that Homo sapiens gnawed on animal bones as hunter-gatherers. The notion that we would surely sustain ourselves if we were alone is probable, but aside from this need for energy and caloric nourishment, we innately crave the capacity to share, be it what we grow, forage, purchase or consume, even if we don’t always put it into practice.

At Feastly, a peer to peer web platform dedicated to connecting those who love to cook and those that love to partake in shared meals, we believe that the best experiences happen around good food and good company. The dinner table as – but not limited to – the social network, whether that’s a picnic blanket allotted for your peers or loved ones, a warming supper at a pop-up space, or a brunch prepared for a casual kitchen round table gathering.

Many restaurants convene in an act of camaraderie called the family meal, while many Americans have been displaced from the tradition of congregating around the dinner table; the reasoning ranging from too busy to cook and eat together, or too large of a time commitment to give, at a time when many of us eat on the run, in the car or at our desks – alone. Nutritionists and food activists have brought to our attention the demise of our health and society by the adoption of these relatively new food habits, and have encouraged us to rethink when and how we eat.

What Feastly is offering through our value proposition is three-pronged; presenting a means in which people can become empowered to create and cook for others – utilizing their passion – while earning a fair, living income, creating a community based on pretension-free dining through collective and communal happenings, and finally presenting unique experiences that hinged on authenticity and real people. Some may call it niche, adventurous say others, however, placing confidence in the archetype that through capacitating the public to produce and contribute to their coequals, a potential solution to our oppressive disconnect could be resolved.

This invitation, to sit at the table and engage with your peers, is not restrained to your neighborhood or borough. Feasters (those who feast) – currently in New York City, the Washington D.C. metropolitan and San Francisco Bay areas – are encouraged to acquaint themselves with the home of a cook even while they are traveling. Entering a welcoming and inviting landscape upon your arrival to a “foreign” environment or city, there is nothing more persuasive than participating like a local; just ask other social enterprise platforms like Sidetour. Before these incredible resources came to be at the tips of our fingers, it was only under certain fortuity that we could find ourselves smack dab in a memorable dining experience and/or social element of our choice.

We all yearn for community, inclusiveness and connection; these days with share economy models popping-up around us, such as Feastly, Lyft and Airbnb, we are allowed the opportunity to obtain these sensations from many sources; sometimes from the neighbor we crossed paths with at the mechanic but never knew their name, or the baker who prepares our morning bagel but with whom we never exchanged more than a “How’s it going?”.

We have the potential to shift the paradigm, to build, or rebuild community and practices forgotten with past generations, and we have the ardor to empower ourselves and our future – we just have to join the table.

Feast On! Learn more about how you can come eat with us; we’ve saved you a seat at www.eatfeastly.com

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