Klinker Apps Messenger — Android

Today, Klinker Apps is excited to take the wraps off of our latest project: Messenger!

A sleek text messaging replacement with amazing layouts and animations, that also allows you to text from any of your Android devices or from the web!

What is is?

Messenger is a new text messaging replacement that looks to improve on what we have done in the past. The design borrows a bit from Google’s Inbox email app, but with most of our own flair. It looks great, and it works even better. Everything is quick and custom, but the major feature… It hooks up with any of your Android devices, as well as a web app, so that you can send messages no matter where you are.

The integration is totally seamless and immediate. Get a message sent to your phone and it will instantly show up on your tablet as well. You can reply, dismiss, delete, anything. Everything is synced between devices, including notifications, conversations, settings, and customization.

This app just works. No assembly required.

Feature Set

Fully featured text messaging with tons of customization! You get all of the messaging features that you’ve come to know and love such as:

- Seamlessly integrates with any of your devices through tablet, web, and Google Chrome apps, to support text, picture, and group messaging, all through your phone number!
- Beautiful layouts
- Night mode
- Pin your favorite contacts to the top of the conversation list
- Smooth transitions between conversations
- Powerful, per-contact, theming support
- Blacklisting of numbers to stop the spammers
- Scheduled text messages
- Search messages and conversations
- Mute notifications on an individual-user basis
- Completely snooze the app from all notifications for a given time period
- Custom notifications for contacts
- Search Giphy for GIFs to attach to your messages
- Share photos, videos, and audio along with your messages

Once the app is set up on your phone, start accessing it from any of your devices:

Please Note: Messenger is for Android 5.0+ only. We did this because with 5.0, Google introduced a system level method for sending MMS messages. For more information: https://messenger.klinkerapps.com/faq.html

Signing up for the beta test

Right now, Messenger is in a closed, limited, beta test, it is also only for Android 5.0+. Go ahead and hit up our beta community here to request access:


We will gradually approve people on a first-come-first-serve basis. No worries though, I plan on approving people pretty quickly, just want to control the traffic a little bit as we are getting going. I have no doubt that our backend will scale as expected, just want to make sure we clear out any glaring problems before opening the flood gates!

Once approved, the community description has instructions on how to download the beta from the Play Store.

How this relates to EvolveSMS

If you have followed our work in the past, you know we have another text messaging product available, EvolveSMS.

I would NOT consider this a replacement to our other messaging app, EvolveSMS. Evolve is awesome and super powerful, there is so much customization (through the theme engine), settings for just about every option you can think of, and features you had no idea you would ever use. EvolveSMS is for the power users, but it would have been impossible, at this point in time, to build everything, from the ground up, required for tablet messaging, into that app. It is too closely knit with its current implementation. We needed something cleaner to build this system, so Messenger was born.

Messenger may be the next installment in the Klinker Apps messaging saga, however, we will continue to improve upon EvolveSMS as well, hopefully eventually even bringing the tablet messaging, through this new service, to the app. Evolve will always be directed toward the power-users, Messenger is meant to just work, and isn’t meant to have the same feature set as EvolveSMS does. For this reason, Messenger could not just be an update that app, it had to be its own project so that people have options and not lose features.

EvolveSMS also integrates a few desktop messaging solutions of its own (Yappy and Pushbullet). Both of these are very excellent solutions and we don’t want to take away from them at all! The reason we made our new service was so that we could have a similar platform to stand-behind and call our own.

What if you had purchased add-ons in EvolveSMS and want to move to Messenger?

All the features and customization in Messenger come for free. We are not looking to make any more money than what is required for hosting, so the feature pack and customization packs from EvolveSMS are not really relevant to this application. Eventually, when the app comes out of beta, there will be a very small subscription fee so that we can pay for the hosting, but since EvolveSMS always relied on third party apps for this functionality, nothing changes here. You can cancel your subscription to the other services and use our (probably much cheaper) service instead.

Wrapping Up

Some major work has gone into this app lately, but it has been totally worth it. I am in love with the look, style, speed, and functionality.

I know many may ask why we would put more time into the dying breed of text-messengers, but, for a normal user, texting is still the most popular for of communication, especially here in the States! Google’s new Allo messenger looks very cool, and you better believe I will be using it, but that definitely doesn’t go for all my friends.

I hope you all enjoy what we have made! Hit up the beta community to request access, then let us know what can be improved! Desktop messaging, through a web app, is obviously the next step, and you will be glad to hear that it is in production, but we wanted to get this out to everyone and start testing before releasing that!

Enjoy ‘all. I think we have built something pretty sweet here, let me know what you think!

Oh and one last side note… No, “Messenger” will NOT be the final release name! Much too generic and over-used ;)