I think something that makes life worth living is the people you encounter during your lifetime. It can be people who write the lyrics to the songs that help you get through life or it may be people you personally know that make you smile when you need it most. None the less, I think other people are a gift that is taken for granted.

I enjoy people watching because I like to look at these people, these strangers, that I don’t know because I know someone in the world misses them. Some one out there is jealous that I get to see their loved ones, but I don’t even care and the same thing goes for your loved ones too. People pass by them everyday without caring at all or even realizing how lucky they are to be in their presence and be so close that they could give them a hug the way you wish you could, but you can’t and they won’t because your loved ones meaning nothing to them.

Every person you walk past has a story, has people who care about them, but to you and I, to all these strangers that surround them, they are just another face in the crowd. Another nobody. Until you start to see these people, these nobodies, as people with stories you may never fully appreciate humans or life itself. We may not be the most significant thing to this earth, but we may be the most significant thing to each other to make life worth it.

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