What’s Your Blue Soap?

Old Things. Atalaya Castle, Myrtle Beach SC. Lakesha Mathis. 2016.

This morning blue soap almost knocked me off my square. Yeap! Blue soap.

While I was showering I noticed out the corner of my eye the ugliest, weirdest shaped bar of soap lying ever so carelessly in the soap nook and I almost lost it. My first instinct was to hop out of the shower to discuss this bar of soap with Suwan. But for some reason I caught myself; I’ve been doing that a lot more lately.

I took a moment to think about why it mattered so much. It wasn’t that I was unaware of whose soap it was, or that I was being forced to use the ugly thing, the issue was, I didn’t choose it; simple as that. I was ready to have a full blown discussion about a bar of soap that really had nothing to do with me. Control freak much? Yes I am! But every day I am choosing to let go a little more. I am aware of my stuff, I own it, I work on it and I accept it.

Awareness and acceptance are two key factors to personal growth. You are the owner of your actions and reactions. So the next time something or someone threatens your sanity take a moment to realize it’s you not them that controls your destiny. Cursing, belittling or retaliating diminishes your self-worth not theirs. Recognize the blue soap in your life. Be aware of what triggers you and why, accept that that thing or person triggers you and choose to respond differently.

#BlueSoap #SelfWorth #PersonalGrowth