Show. Don’t Tell.
Tim McDonald

Here’s the thing. If everyone who reads this Medium article or sees our tweets would just reTweet the message and include a hashtag for their special interest group, just imagine what the Butterfly Effect could be.

There are so many tools for scheduling tweets to go out at regular intervals. You could even commit to pinning this or other tweet on your Twitter account for a week…or even longer, calling people to take action.

There are many worthy causes. Choose this one or even a few and make this easy commitment, just like Tim (@timcdonald) and you will effortlessly make a difference. It’s not about “giving back”, it is simply about *giving*.

One if four children in America, the greatest and richest country in the world, go to school hungry. Maybe we should be “beating swords into plowshares” and turning guns into lunch boxes to feed our children and guarantee the American brain trust.