Food Mood

Hmm what’s my next topic, what’s my next topic, well I think it should be food just because most people think of me as a foodie or a person who always talks about food.

Food can be so unpredictable in texture, flavors, body parts, artwork, etc. I love that about food and it makes me always curious about what’s being made out there. #1 thing I love to do with my food is make it spicy! I really like yelp because it shows you the menu, the food, the location, suggestions on similar places, etc. I don’t dismiss a place based on their avg rating because it’s not necessarily for the quality of food it could just be the customer service or how long the wait is etc. For me it’s about the menu items and the photos. I’m also a yelp elite as of 2016 so it’s also about the food events as well.

Some of my go-to items that I will always be in the mood for are soups and noodles in general. But more specifically tofu soup, pho, pad see ew, fun see, pozole, chicken tortilla soup, etc. My top spots where I’ll order the same dish everytime because it is consistently well done is the soft tofu soup at Jong Ga House, tofu soup #12 at Tofu Plus, Pho Ga at Kevin’s Noodle House, Chicken Tortilla Soup at The Buttery.

No matter how many new places you try, nothing will compare to certain foods that you were brought up on in your own home. All of the memories and usual meals when you are home have a special place in your mind and on your palette. Homemade food I love and will pass on to others are my mom’s broccoli casserole, chicken marabella, wintermelon soup, mushroom and bacon soup, hearty tomato beef soup, arare mix,pork chop, sausage, and rice casserole, steamed egg and her chocolate cake. Other dishes will come from other family members like my aunt Laura’s “Green Mush” which is a pistachio pudding dessert she always brings around the holidays, my Pau Pau’s(grandma on mom’s side) miso chicken that she would make for birthdays, and my Nien Nien’s(other grandma on dad’s side) Nuo Mi Fan and Fun See dishes.

Snacking is so important in my life. I would rather snack all day than have 3 full meals because sometimes those meals are over filling and you get that typical food coma thought “Ugh why did I eat so much🤢”. But snacks don’t do that to you unless you just got some really bad snacks or too much sugar in them. Snacks I love are hot cheetos, cheerios, frosted flakes, yogurt, kind granola, cheerios, dried mango, seaweed, half baked ice cream. I also think snacks are just more fun in general because there are different kinds these days, they’re usually easy to transport, and don’ necessarily need to be kept hot or cold to be good.

Lately I’ve been craving pupusas, shrimp, corn cheese, cucumbers with tapatio and salt, and grits. So far I’ve gotten my pupusas, shrimp, and grits. I’d still eat more if I can! The craving is still here and I wonder how long it’ll last.

Some things I do with my food that sound kinda weird but I do anyway because I think it’s fun. I add dallops of chili garlic sauce into my soups. I eat little dishes of chili garlic sauce by itself and just scoop it with my finger. I eat cookies n cream ice cream with a mountain of cheerios on top to mix in. I eat the edges of my pancakes then tear the top layer from the bottom and tear those up into pieces before I eat them. Lastly, I like to leave all the good stuff last and eat just the sticky rice until only the meat and salted egg yolk are left in zhong zi.

P.S. I started this on my iPhone 5s and finished it up on my IPad.