Device Prototyping Process Blog

My exposure

This is my first time to get in touch with LittleBits kit. It was difficult for me to understand and remember each component at first. In the studio, we started to try and complete a small task with a partner by looking up the instruction of solution online. That’s really helped us to be more familiar with the function of the element. Then we switched partners and worked with the actual problem for this week’s sprint. We were required to come up three divergent contents and develop a prototype prompted by a specific design challenge. The working process was not that hard as I thought before, we made a laundry alert just by easily connecting input with output. We focused on the product as a whole and it’s interaction with the user and environment rather than the technical of the mechanism.

The link for the video is:

I and my partner were looking at each element to think about what prototype we can develop from them.
Our final prototyping — — Laundry Alert.


One problem I encountered while using the LittleBits was that the output is not as sensitive as we desired, we didn’t know which part cause this problem until the teacher told us to adjust the sound trigger which is the most sensitive part. Moving it a little bit will cause a big difference. I thought the problem would be fixed after we adjusted, but sometimes it still had no any action since there were many noises going around. During the class, we were run out of time to modify and improve our prototyping. So for next time, I would like to have more time to explore the LittleBits and use more parts to develop my product more professional.

Wildcard: What skill did you learn from exploring and implementing this project?

Based on this experience, I learned what form the design cycle — — define a challenge, come out a scenario, design, create a prototype and user testing. All of this together provide significant insight into the usability and feasibility of the design. I began to get a sense of what influence it would be able to bring for our future life through designing things like this. A small prototype can solve a big problem to make life simpler.