Panel Report

Interaction design prototyping for OBA

One Bus Away is a bus arrival prediction sites, you can look at the posted schedule at every bus stop and instantly know what to enter in. In class, Alan Borning summarized the establishment of the project and the procedure of designing the prototype for OBA. He emphasized the goal of One Bus Away project is user will know exactly when the bus will arrive at the scheduled and real-time transit information. The one aspect of this project really stood out to me is even though the project has already made a significant achievement, he had also encountered some obstacles during the process as I designed my creative mobile App. None of the interfaces is easy to create and perfect, just like the developers still try to improve some functions and get accuracy time data in order to reduce the wait time using public transit.

Usability testing for Nordstrom

The second speaker is Laura Barboza who is user experience researcher at Nordstrom district, demonstrated how the usability testing plays the important role in Nordstrom website construction. The strategy to know what could attract customers’ attention on early access sale is the iteration of the usability test to get more improvements of website confusing. I was stood out the user testing will bring such a great benefit to faculty team, let them solve the problem smoothly and meet users’ satisfaction. It’s a great way to make recommendations for modifying the product and establish benchmarks for future comparisons.

Improvement I can make for my sprints

After I listened to those many experiences, the first step I would like to do is make my project easier to use by modifying the symbol of function. And then thinking aloud to add more interaction designs which can make more connection between user and product. I noticed the usability test is also important. In the future, I may ask the participant to complete some specific tasks with the form of scenario instead of some basic general tasks. A good product incorporates many aspects of design and requires the designer’s insight on what the users need. I would take them into account for my farther sprint project.