7 Common Misconceptions about SEO

Gary Hall
Gary Hall
Jul 18 · 3 min read

There are so many common misconceptions about SEO. Optimising websites to appear in Google’s seaarch engine results page is a constantly changing environment and unless you are keeping up to date it is easy to get stuck in the processes of the past. As a result, common misconceptions begin to form over the do’s and don’ts of optimizing your website for Google or any other of the major search engines.

1. SEO is Dead

This is a myth. With over 40,000 search queries every second on the Internet and an estimated 62.19 billion visitors annually, Google is the behemoth that rules the internet. Without it, or indeed any other well-functioning search engine, how would we find the content we need?

SEO as a whole hasn’t died, but a lot of tactics have. Stick with outdated strategies and the only thing you’ll be seeing are low rankings and potential penalties in your future.

2. SEO is a Dark Art

One misconception held by people is that SEO is a dark art. That’s because there are sketchy practices in SEO along with sketchy practitioners. They believe in something called Black Hat SEO. In other words, they employ sneaky tactics for ranking their sites in Google. These practises may provide short term benefits but will always lose out in the long term.

3. You should get Immediate Results from SEO

The trouble with society is that we expect instant gratification. Most people think that results should happen in lightning speed. Well, news flash, they don’t. Success in any field or endeavor takes time. And SEO is no different. So it’s important not to expect anything different.
That doesn’t mean that you should go many months without any results. There are many areas you can grab quick wins in SEO. But, the bulk of the results will only be seen after a serious effort amplified over many, many months.

4. Content is All You Need

Whilst content is undoubtedly king, it is not the only thing that you need. Without a stable foundation to your site and links coming back to your site to indicate to Google that it is authoratitive, you are only going to rank for long tail keywords without any competition.

Content and links are both needed to rank for valuable keywords — one will not work without the other. Ask any top SEO agency and see if they agree with you.

5. SEO Is A One-Time-Only Thing

This is a common misconception about SEO. The most important thing with search engine optimisation is consistency. You need to optimise pages, post new content, attract links, drive traffic, and improve your site’s structure on a regular basis. If you lose momentum, your SERPs will inevitably suffer. Your competitors don’t take the time to rest or sit idle, so you can’t afford to so that either.

6. SEO is just about keywords

Search engine optimisation is almost like a jigsaw puzzle, it’s made up of lots of small pieces that contribute to making an overall picture.

Using the right keywords in an SEO campaign is very important because this will decide the route of the entire campaign but this is more of a foundation that you have to build upon until you have the full picture.

7. Long-form Content Improves Ranking

This common misconception is partly correct. Well written long form content will improve ranking, however putting together a spammy 2,000 word article will not improve your site’s ranking.

Providing value to users should be prioritised over the length of your article.

There are long-standing, time honoured, best practise SEO methods that you can follow, many of which are based on common sense, as the search engines reward well-structured, highly relevant content that people are more likely to want to read, like, and share.

Keep these best practice principles in mind when you’re “doing SEO” and you will be well on your way to improved rankings, which will lead to more targeted traffic and conversions.

Don’t be guided by any of the common misconceptions about SEO.

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