EFL and ESL teachers may reason that one of the major obstacles to learning seems to be ‘poor memory’. Sometimes, however, our students’ vacant looks appear because the classwork being reviewed was never perceived or processed adequately in the first place. …

Affective factors: ANXIETY

ESL or EFL Teachers or professionals in this field, did you know students encountering difficulties with learning a foreign language experience high levels of anxiety? …

This is the first in a series of posts looking at why your students studying English as a foreign or second language may not be succeeding in their studies.

Different languages have different sound systems (phonology) and writing systems (orthography). The Orthographic Dependent Hypothesis proposes that foreign language reading and…

You are a teacher of English as a foreign or second language. It’s morning, you walk into the classroom. At the front of the class sits Lena. She smiles weakly. Only in 5th grade, her sadness disturbs you. …

Spelling — neurological impressions — are they letter or sound based? Image by tonydolor

Author: Lesley Lanir

Teachers may assume that once their students have mastered the spelling of most of the common English words, they will refrain from making errors in the future. …

Letter sounds play a large role in language development. Image by JR3

Author: Lesley Lanir

Foreign speech often resembles continuous streams of unfamiliar sounds to those who are not fluent in the language. Phonology is the study of the system, and patterns of these speech sounds: how they are pronounced; how they combine together; which sounds can be neighbors or not; how…

IDEA — founded by master dialect coach, Paul Meier — photo by Paul Meier

Author: Lesley Lanir

How can one IDEA clock a million hits a year?

Paul Meier, world famous for dialect coaching for theatre and film, has taught at some of the most famous theatre schools such as The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), The London Academy of Music and Dramatic…

Hip Hop vocabulary — a new dialect or foreign language? Image by christopherharte

Author: Lesley Lanir

Can you learn to speak ‘Hip Hop’ by listening to popular music?

Results from research by Paula Chelsey of the University of Alberta, support the hypothesis that non-African-American young adults learn African-American English (AAE) vocabulary through listening to hip-hop. How surprising are these results?

Vocabulary Acquisition through Hip Hop Music

Chelsey questions whether…

Local dialects are often incomprehensible — photo by Peter Roberts

Author: Lesley Lanir

English is the national language of several countries, so speakers worldwide can hold conversations, and more or less understand each other, even though each person’s spoken English has unique variations. …

US Teens text 6 messages per waking hour — Photo by Darkstream

Author: Lesley Lanir

Considering the popularity of text messaging, what role do textisms and textese play in the overall literacy or illiteracy of young people today?

Interested in texting, and its effects on literary skills, in 2011, Clare Wood, Sally Meachem, and their research team published longitudinal research on text…

Lesley Lanir

Cognitive Behavioural Coach; Lecturer, Teacher-trainer specialising in foreign language learning difficulties. My site: languagelearningdifficulties.com

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