Women’s football would benefit from a Team GB at Tokyo 2020
Welsh Conservatives

“We’ve also had written and verbal assurances from FIFA that entry wouldn’t compromise the independence or status of our national associations

Really? Evidence please. Verbal assurances by discredited and crooked ex-FIFA officials are probably not binding if challenged by the FIFA membership.

This article continues to avoid the technical details of actual qualification.

Sadly, politics and nationalism got in the way again this summer and everyone missed out, as we watched Sweden take the place at the Olympics that the England team had earned after their performance at last year’s World Cup.”

So, in this instance, England would have qualified but Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish players should have been able to participate through the back door? I can’t see that going down well with other FIFA nations. To think a compromise can be found her is incredibly naive.

In this sense the article misses the obvious point that many FIFA nations and continental federations resent the Home Nations’ privileged position on FIFA’s International Committee and right to nominate their own FIFA Vice President. To demand that British players, men or women, can represent different nations as and when it suits smacks of the very same sense of entitlement that they resent. As you say, “the best of both worlds”. Precisely, why it would serve to inflame and antagonise.

The status quo is fine outside of Olympics football. So I put it to the Welsh Conservatives: if you think competing in the Olympics benefits women’s football in the UK why aim to have only one squad of 22 British players when we could aspire to having 4 squads totalling 88 players?

But of course your Unionist politics and your British nationalism get in the way, meaning even more people miss out than you believe have this summer.

This nonsense must cease. Hardly anyone wants it.


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