Self portrait by Tony, Life Learning Academy Art Student. © Life Learning Academy

“This represents that the sky isn’t the limit.”

By Tony, Life Learning Academy Art Student

I used multiple ways of making my painting. I used pencil with the grid method along with reference from a photo I had taken. I also used multiple colors of paint in every detail of my portrait. I used mixed media and I used collage to make the unusual eyes.

The portrait of myself that I have made has a couple meanings to me. The first is that the image of the galaxy in my eyes represents that in my eyes, I’m aiming for the stars. The second is that the stars also show that I’ve always had an interest in the galaxy. I’ve always dreamed of finding what is out there in the universe. I put a lot of hard work into this self portrait, and I am very proud of how I did on it.

This multi-layered introspective project called for each student to display a personal depiction of the artist by the artist. The artists utilized the grid method to scale photographic images of themselves, and painted with acrylic and mixed media on canvas. Each artist wrote a personal description of their work explaining their method, and the meaning in their finished piece. We are pleased to present these portraits, which represent the students’ first painting of the semester. — Art Teacher Laura Salazár

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