Week 0: Remote Year 3

In one week, I‘ll wake up in Cordoba, Argentina. I’ll be with 75 other people from around the world who have decided to do their regular jobs remotely from March 2016–2017. We will visit 12 locations on 3 continents for one month each.

Most people in this group already work in tech as developers, designers, or other jobs that can be accomplished without being physically present. The goal this year is to take full advantage of this dynamic, while creating and maintaining a professional environment. We’ll be using co-working spaces as offices, and I’ll be exploring, or in Spanish class during the off hours.

Leading up to this lifestyle change was not a simple “Yes I’d like to just go on vacay and travel the world for a year YOLO” kind of decision. There were many more questions (and an application process) including, “Do I want to live a lifestyle that uproots each month in a completely unfamiliar place where I don’t know the primary language or understand possibly anything”, and “Can I do this/will my employer even allow me to so this…?”

In January 2015, I moved from Chicago to LA to work with a startup who sought to offer the best way to buy and sell sneakers on mobile. And we have! GOAT app is on fire!! It has been one of my most challenging and favorite projects to work on (in fact, you should go bid on some yeezys rn). I’ll be with the team/fam partially through remote journey. They will transition to find someone to work on location with them during the next growth period, and I’ll transition to individual freelance projects.

I could easily stay in Los Angeles in 2016. That would be so much easier, really, than preparing to do this. That would be sooo much more simple than getting 1,000 vaccines, selling all the things you just acquired to make yourself feel at home after moving across the country, saying goodbye to your best friend and roommate for the past 6 years, and convincing yourself this is all even possible or worth the cost and risk. 
(btw that is not a complaint–I’m so grateful to be able to even entertain the idea of doing this to begin with).


For me personally, there may not be a better time to explore the world than now. As a 28 year old healthy, childless, woman (hi, yes, I know I sound like a token Millennial) with the skills and experience to work anywhere in the world (granted there is good WiFi), whose lease is ending the same day Remote Year 3 begins.

My mom said when I was in doubt: 
“I’m 60 years old, which means if my life was one hour, a year is just one minute”. And I was all like…damn. Ok.

So, this is what I’m doing instead of ever going to Grad school.

I’m lucky enough to know a few people participating already — one very talented designer friend by chance, and the other my best friend since 1st grade (cute af i know).

I plan on documenting how this really goes, vs only making you sick with happy contemplative Instagram sunset photos. Follow me here for the real deal, and here for the less contextual version.

For more information on Remote Year and why they seek to facilitate remote working environments around the world, check out this nice summary here.

I hope this works. See you from the other side of the equator!

P.S.: If we didn’t get to hug goodbye, don’t worry, this is gonna fly by.

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