Bringing Your Brand to the Top

Getting your name out into the world can be challenging sometimes. How do you even begin to promote yourself? What platforms should you use? Hopefully, I can help you out today.

Although I consider myself a mere minor of true promotion and branding, it’s not hard to begin your process. You don’t have to immediately dive deep into the hustle and bustle of the internet realm. Starting off small can benefit anyone, and through determination and maybe some clever ideologies, your brand can become noticed by many.

First thing’s first is your audience. If you’re going to try and talk about politics with the younger generation or share memes that older folks will never understand, you need to narrow down who is wanting to be seeing your content. After deciding on who you want to be selling to, that’s where platforms come into play.

Sorry, but using completely outdated sites like Bebo and Myspace aren’t going to cut it nowadays. Research which apps are considered the “top dogs” and decide which ones could be the best selection for you and your business. Usually Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and sometimes Twitter are going to be the best platforms to be promoting yourself.

In my opinion, it seems that the younger generations are using the most platforms out of any age. According to a study back in April 2017, 76% of teens use Instagram, with 75% using Snapchat, 66% using Facebook and only 47% using Twitter. If you are looking to post things aimed at young adults to people in their 40s, I would recommend Facebook and Twitter the most.

Another thing to consider is how you want your business to “behave”. It just depends on your audience. Consumers enjoy brands who respond to comments and criticism, whether it’s good or bad. Sharing visuals is very popular nowadays, as people don’t necessarily read text as much anymore. Looking at photos or video clips makes consumers believe that this brand is cool, friendly and authentic towards its viewers.

The last thing to remember is to post regularly. Once you build your social media presence, you have to make sure you keep adding to it. If you post in October of 2017 and don’t even add a single picture or upload a new video or literally anything until next year’s Christmas, no one is going to pick you.

They’ll think that you are untrustworthy for whatever they were searching for. Whether it’s a new gallery, a new product or literally a blog explaining what you have been doing lately, people love to see brands who keep up with the times and not fall behind.

Personally, I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat every day while watching YouTube videos. I also have my own website where I display all my work I have created in the past, including a large gallery of people, animals and landscapes, along with a variety of news articles and projects I have worked on during my college career.

To promote my website for others to check out, I have posted on Facebook the most, as it can reach almost 500 people instantly. I also plug my website on Snapchat to my friends, so they can go look at my pieces as well. As of now, I don’t try to come up with funny or clever promotions to get others’ attention. I want to be friendly and professional with my brand.

There are several ways that you can promote yourself and your business to others in the country and perhaps the world. Just remember that social media can blow up at any time. Whether it’s based on how clever you sound to others or how friendly and authentic you are to potential consumers, as long as you stick with these tips I have mentioned today, you are well on your way to a successful self-promoting career.

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