Start Your Day on Purpose And You Will Have Your Best. Day. Ever.
Thomas Oppong

Great post! And I completely agree with starting your day off in the right frame of mind. I’ve found that reading something positive in the mornings is very helpful. I am a person of faith so I need prayer and praise. I also like to read from John C. Maxwell’s The Maxwell Daily Reader. If you know his work, you know his stuff is more inspirational and insightful than it is faith-based. It’s all about attitude and focusing on the positive and doing what takes to become more of a leader in all areas of your life.

But I find that what derails me is that it’s hard for me to get a routine down. I do make time to read my Bible and something inspirational, but I wish I could do more of it on a regular basis throughout the day. That may not be realistic though. but I think maybe as long as you surround yourself with something and someone positive, it’s easier to get more done and to feel as if you’ve accomplished something. I do fall into the trap of checking emails as soon as I get into work, before I even map out my day. I don’t want my emails to dictate my day. And I agree with your comment that a purposeful day doesn’t just happen, you have to create it consciously. Thanks for writing this and sharing it!

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