Benefits Of Using A Pre Stretch Film Over Traditional Wraps

A stretch film is basically a stretchable plastic that is mostly used to wrap around materials. A stretch film comes with various uses and advantages. It has been noticed from the recent trend that the use of pre stretch films have increased over the usage of traditional wraps. This is due to many possible reasons. A stretch film is highly flexible in nature and also easy to use as compared to the older traditional wraps.

Mostly stretched film is chosen or preferred over the traditional film because of its long stability, strong physical energy,and also control over the industry by the �’в#. Pre stretched films are heavily used by various sectors of the industries and as it is usable in several forms. The most common usage of such pre stretched film is the palette filming, where in the items are kept over a palette and rotated in motion to wrap the film around the goods in a fast and uniform way. Read this article to know more about the benefits of using a pre stretch film.

· Cost

The topmost feature, which the buyer is looking for, is the price or cost of the wrap. This feature influences the decision of the buyer. While pre stretched film is quite inexpensive in nature and available easily, on the other hand, traditional wraps are much more costly and available at limited range. Thus, all in all, the stretched wrapping material is cost efficient and saves a lot of investment for the buyer.

· Ease of application

Another important feature that comes up for the wrapping is how easy is it to be used and applied on the material. The quality that makes it easy to use is its lightweight and highly elastic range. In addition, this quality has been found in the Cast stretch film while it went missing in the traditional films.Ease of application is mostly preferred by the buyer as it involves the main working and organizing of the film.

· Film memory

Film is usually applied on items with a very little force due to their elastic range. The unique and smooth consistency of the film makes it the best and ideal wrapping material. Another quality to be noted is its tendency to tighten and protect the items, which is found more in the pre stretched film, rather than the traditional wrap.

· Consistency

Consistency refers to the smooth ability of the film, whichis uniformly applied and wrapped all around the item. Here too, it is noticedthat in Paper core manufacturing, the pre stretch film performs better than the old wrap. Consistency is a feature that shouldn’t be ignored, as uniform wrapping of the goods is really important for its safety and security.

Thus, it has been clearly observed that the pre stretched films are far better than the traditional films due to above mentioned reasons and also as per the preference of the buyers to protect their items.

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