Canary in the Corporate Coal Mine
Bill Jensen

Good article. There are middle managers who do express concern. They may not be at TED TALKS but they are talking about it at work.

I know I am. I tell people this is going to speed up and we are living or working in the end of a relative golden era for UK public serilvuce and we have not faced the full brunt of digitisation disruption.

The challenge will require a true disruption like a ware 9r a serious public disturbance before Facebook and Google even change. The Social Network painted a dystopia view of a brutal uncaring technological brutalised driven by an innate resentment rather than seeking g a higher good.

The marketing hype of do no evil is simply a cosmetic salve for an approach driven by and revelling in the pseudo survival of the technologically fittest ideology.

Will it get better?

I doubt it. Those who make the decisions are isolated from it and isolate themselves from it. They didn’t get this far this fast to give it away or give any hint they were wrong. They were right and devil take the hind most.